New Year – Looking Ahead

So New Year’s Eve has been successfully negotiated for another twelve months, and I was actually still awake at midnight to wish my lovely wife a happy new year.  We were actually reading in bed and only realised it was midnight when we heard fireworks going off at a nearby party, but still.

That all means we are into a new year, 2011, and while I have never been one for traditional new year’s resolutions (if you want to do something, just do it, don’t wait for 1st January) there are certainly a few things I am looking ahead to very positively for the year ahead, in various areas of my life.

(1) A new me

That sounds quite radical, but for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am starting a new year in a positive frame of mind and I feel like I have finally got to grips with the depression and similar issues that have plagued me for so long.  Largely thanks to the excellent therapy I received at the St. Martin’s Centre for Health and Healing in Birmingham, I finally understand the things that have been holding me back and I’ve worked very hard over the past eight months to take a fresh look at who I am and how I want my life to pan out.

(2) Business

Very positive and optimistic about business this year.  Hopefully, the guiding part of my business will continue to grow as it has over the past two years.  Certainly there are very good signs.  The Birmingham Ghost Walks will be twice a month rather than once a month from February, with two different routes.  I also have some interesting private bookings in different areas and currently working on a few exciting new ideas that I hope to be putting into action in the next couple of months.  Meanwhile, I will start the year with a course in London that will qualify me as a guide for the 2012 Olympics.  Again, very excited about this and the possibilities it should open up.

(3) Interests

Part of the “new me” really, aiming to get a better balance between work, domestic responsibilities and relaxation, with plenty of time devoted to the things I enjoy like music, books and films.  My guitar lessons will continue, so I hope to make some good improvements there with more practice.  I’ll also be kicking off the year with plenty of gym, swimming and tennis to undo the effects of several months of laziness and overconsumption and to work off inevitable stress.  Travel, as usual, will be on the agenda.  Summer holiday in Italy is already booked and no doubt a few other short breaks will be taken along the way, too.  And then there’s writing.. I am aiming to do much more of it, maybe even considering some kind of course to give me the motivation to keep it up.

(4) Home

Some of our “on ice” house projects will definitely be going ahead in 2011.  Starting with the reflooring of our kitchen, dining area and back lounge, and hopefully (if we can settle on what we definitely want) continuing with a new driveway and front of house and back patio too.  Although looking rather sorry for itself at the moment, the garden should be beautiful again come spring and summer, fingers crossed we get the weather to enjoy it to the full, and I am hoping that my little apple trees all start bearing fruit this year.  The main priority is to enjoy our home with Sally-Jayne and make the most of the time we get to spend together when not working.

Plenty to look forward to, but plenty to work at too.  It will no doubt be a challenge, and I’m sure there will be unforeseen hurdles to get over, but I finally feel as though I can tackle things head on, rather than retreating into my own head and getting stuck in the comfort zone.

I hope that 2011 will be an excellent year for everyone, and I look forward to sharing the experiences that the next twelve months brings.  Happy New Year!

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1 Response to New Year – Looking Ahead

  1. That’s fantastic that you have started the year so positively!

    I want to start a writing group in Birmingham having spent the last 12 months thinking ‘there must be one I can join’ but alas no. Let me know if you’re interested; my aim to start with is to keep it informal, just for people to exchange ideas and maybe critique each other’s work and of course drink lots of coffee.!

    Good luck with everything. Happy New Year!

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