Music Monday 07/02/2011: A is for…

Tough choice, but I have eventually gone for a rather obvious Bryan Adams.  Quite a lot of material to choose from, but here are my five selections!

1.  Summer of 69 – I know I am starting with a huge cliché, but what can I say?  It is one of my favourite rock and roll songs and, in my opinion, an absolute classic.

2. Kids Wanna Rock – Another from the earlier part of his career, more superb, pure rock and roll.

3. Heaven (Acoustic) – Brilliant song in any format, but the MTV Unplugged version is my favourite.

4. When You’re Gone – I know some people don’t like Mel C’s voice but I do, and I love the non-stop momentum of this song.

5. O Sole Mio (duet with Pavarotti) – From the first Pavarotti and Friends live CD. Obscure and certainly not “classic Bryan Adams”, but many memories and it always makes me smile.

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