Music Monday 14/02/2011 B is for…

One of the toughest letters I think.  Some fantastic and legendary artists will have to wait for next time, because I have chosen a band I loved when they first came on the scene in my teens and still love today…Bon Jovi.  So here are my top five (or, to put it better, five of my many top Bon Jovi tracks):

1. Blood On Blood – Just brilliant song about friendship and nostalgia but sung and played with fantastic energy.

2. Wanted Dead or Alive – The song that showed there was more to the band than spandex and anthemic rock, I just love it, always have.

3. It’s My Life (Acoustic) – The version from “This Left Feels Right” is my choice, the track that I think shows off Jon’s great voice to the best effect.

4. Only Lonely – From the “pre-fame” second album, which I have always loved.  Combination of clever lyricism, superb guitar and simply a great tune.

5. Wild Is The Wind – Another “New Jersey” album track, this was my favourite song the first time I listened to the album the week it was released, and remains right up there.

Wow, that was tough.  My “shortlist” had about 20 on it!

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