Music Monday 14/03/11: E is for…

The Eagles.  Not a massive fan of country music generally, but the Eagles are one band that I really enjoy.  They’ve made numerous great songs, from which I have the unenviable task of choosing just five.  So here goes…

(1)    Desperado – Fantastic lyrics, great tune, excellent performance = oustanding song.

(2)    Hotel California – Sometimes there is a reason why a band’s best known song has that status, and this is definitely one of those times.  So I do not feel bad about the clichéd selection.  I love the whole atmosphere of the song, and it brings back some great memories of singing along to it in various places in my life (not including California incidentally, as I have never been there).

(3)    Peaceful Easy Feeling – Simple but effective, like many of the best songs.  And I love playing it on the guitar, too!

(4)    Lyin’ Eyes – Another real classic, with one of my favourite choruses.

(5)    Take It To The Limit – Love the 3/4 time, which gives it a different feel, and another great chorus as well.

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