Music Monday 21/03/11 – F is for…

This week my choice is David Ford. Not a household name, but I think he is a brilliant singer/songwriter with clever and genuine lyrics. I thoroughly recommend his music to anyone who appreciates mature songs, skilfully written and passionately performed. Hoping to catch him in concert soon, he is out on the road again imminently. So here goes with my five song selections:

1) I’m Alright Now – This was the first song I heard him play live and acoustic on Simon Mayo’s Radio 5 Live show. I loved it immediately, and bought his first album the following day. Lyrics strike a big chord with me.

2) Sylvia – The kind of catchy, clever, acoustic song that Oasis tried many times, but never with as much aplomb as David manages here.

3) Song For The Road – Title track from the first album, perfectly captures the bittersweet feeling of counting down the time until you see someone. I love it, even though the lyrics include the name of a certain South Yorkshire city that I am not exactly enamoured with!

4) If You Only – As someone who has battled depression and self-loathing for many years, the simple but heartfelt message of this song really hits home.

5) She’s Not The One – Tongue in cheek lyrics that make me smile, and a simply great tune.

Go on, if you’ve never heard David Ford’s music, give it a try. Your life will be better as a result!

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