Music Monday 28/03/2011 – G is for…

Gaslight Anthem.  The best thing to happen to my music collection for years, they have quickly become a huge favourite.  Despite me missing a great chance to see them when they were on the bill with Bruce in Hyde Park back in 2009 (wasn’t into their music then, and we got to the venue late afternoon after a nice lunch and beer in Central London), I subsequently caught up, loved their songs and saw them live last summer in Birmingham.  Choosing five songs is a tough task, as I like pretty much every one of their songs.  But here are my selections from the long list I jotted down yesterday evening.

(1) Great Expectations – First track on their breakthrough “’59 Sound” album, it is a perfect introduction to the energy of their music.

(2) Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts – On an EP rather than one of their albums, this is one of those songs that I loved the first time I heard it and haven’t tired of since.

(3) Bring It On – Just a great tune.  The first time I listened to the “American Slang” album, I wanted to play every song on the guitar and this is one of the prime examples.

(4) Miles Davis and The Cool – The song I think best shows off the musicianship of the band and Brian Fallon’s vocals.

(5) Queen of Lower Chelsea – My favourite song from “American Slang”, especially the changes in pace and the lead guitar.

Very hard to pick this week, their material is of such consistently excellent quality.

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