Music Monday 4/4/2011 – H is for…

The Hold Steady

Another band, like the Gaslight Anthem last week, that I have only been listening to for a couple of years, but thoroughly enjoy their music.  I have to admit that lead vocalist Craig Finn’s singing can be a bit variable and will certainly not be to everybody’s taste, but the band is superb and the songwriting is original and, in many songs, clever too.  So here are my five selections:

1. Chillout Tent

2. You Can Make Them Like You

3. Soft In The Centre

4. Sequestered In Memphis

5. Stuck Between Stations

The “Boys and Girls in America” album is probably the best starting point for the band, three of these songs come from it and the whole thing is absolutely excellent.

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  1. Rickie J says:

    I love Twitter!
    You tubing them right now!

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