An Explanation – 30 Songs In 30 Days

For the past few days, I have been posting my selections for this, also known as the “30 day song challenge”.  But anyone who has read the posts will know that I have been including a write-up with each one, not always directly related to the song for that day.

There is a reason for this.  I see this not only as a way of sharing the music that has defined my life and means different things to me but as a way of writing a bit about myself and my experiences.  As someone who loves music, cares very much about it, and thinks about lyrics and what they say to me or other people, choosing songs that meet different criteria will hopefully give any blog readers a bit more of an insight into what makes me tick.

So now you know why it takes me a couple of paragraphs to say why I chose a certain song on a certain day!

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