30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 10

Day 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall  Asleep

Kare Kare – Crowded House

I think this is a strange category.  I have fallen asleep to all kinds of music, some of it stuff you would definitely not describe as “relaxing” – in fact if I am tired enough I can fall asleep listening to anything.

But rather than pick an up-tempo rock song or something just to be contrary, I have tried to abide by the spirit of the exercise by thinking of songs that are totally chilled.  Although all good music relaxes me, there are certain songs that go one step further and just have an amazingly relaxing sound and feel to them, so I guess they would be the ideal for late night listening.  My final selection is by one of my favourite bands, and is the first track on “Together Alone”, which I think is their best album.  It definitely fits the “chilled out” bill, in fact it has a very languid, dreamy feel to it that I love.  Unfortunately, I can only find live versions on YouTube and other sites, which don’t fully capture the feeling but at least it shows the song!

For trivia buffs, it is named after a coastal resort in New Zealand where the album was recorded, a popular relaxation retreat for Aucklanders and where some of the beach scenes in The Piano were shot.

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