30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 11

Day 11 – A Song From Your Favourite Band

Blood on Blood – Bon Jovi

Double dilemma today – deciding on a favourite band, and then deciding on one of their songs! I love so many bands, it is very tough to pick out just one.  In the end I have gone for a band I have liked for one of the longest times, around 25 years, still listen to regularly and always enjoy.  So that just left me with a song to pick.  Actually that was easier than expected, as I chose my top 5 recently for Music Monday (on the blog every week, I choose five songs by a particular band or singer beginning with a certain letter each week, working my way through the alphabet).  I actually heard three of them today, as we played an MP3 CD with several Bon Jovi albums on it in the car on the way back from the Lake District earlier, and this was the one I enjoyed most.

From what I think is their strongest ever album “New Jersey”, the song has immense energy from start to finish, really showing off the musical abilities of the band, particularly Jon’s vocals.  Always great, I think this is one of his very strongest performances.  The lyrics deal with childhood and teenage friendships, the fantastic memories they give us, how they change, and how much those ties still mean years later, even when we are all leading our own lives.  Themes that very much resonate with me, misty-eyed nostalgic that I am!

The “sound only” YouTube clip was the only non-live version I could find on there.  Sorry.

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One Response to 30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 11

  1. rickiej says:

    Gosh so hard to choose one Jovi track, had forgotten all about this one! Thank you! Love their early albums too but think my (current) fave is Faith. The title track was a bit of a theme tune when I started my first company.

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