30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 9

Day 09

A Song You Can Dance To

Dizzy – The Wonderstuff and Vic Reeves

One thing that happens when you are married to a dance teacher is that you learn a bit about dancing.  In fact, for a few years I was a regular at Sunday night Latin and Ballroom classes.  Never got very good at it, even with some private lessons, but I can get around the floor and master a simple routine in most of the main dances.  So theoretically I could dance to many, many songs – another thing that happens when you are married to a dance teacher is that you can hear a song and know what kind of dance could be done to it.

But we all know that we’re not really looking for Strictly type dancing here.  We’re talking disco, night club, party type dancing.  The kind where you let yourself go and do what you feel, without spending time learning the steps first.  And that is something I have always struggled with.  In fact, I’ll be honest and say that the only time when I have really got out on the dance floor was in student days, normally fuelled by ample liquid refreshment.  As I don’t like what most of what is termed “dance music”, my night club visits were restricted to student nights, when there was always more of a variety of music, and I could get up and dance to music I actually enjoyed.  I must say, we had some great nights out, at The Black Orchid in Nottingham in the sixth form (where, incidentally, my future wife was also a regular at the same time, as she was studying in the city then – we might have been next to each other on the dance floor or at the bar years before we ever met), and The Dome and, dare I say it, Ritzy in Birmingham during university.  So those were the venues, and the preferred type of music was indie or rock, best of all were those that everybody leapt around madly to, as nobody noticed what self-conscious dancers like me were doing.  Various songs spring to mind, but I think this is probably the ultimate one.  I always liked The Wonderstuff anyway, and even though I can’t stand Vic Reeves as a comedian, this is a great collaboration.

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