Music Monday 11/04/2011 – I is for…


One of my favourite bands ever.  I was introduced to them by my best friend Brian when they released “Kick” and, loving the album, quickly snapped up most of their back catalogue, along with the next several albums as they came out.  I went to see them on the “X” tour at the NEC, an 18th birthday present from my mum.  It was a fantastic concert and showed off Michael Hutchence’s showmanship and ability to captivate an audience.  Such a shame he died before his time, just one in a long line of hugely talented but flawed rock stars who lived too fast.  Here are my 5 song choices…

1. Mystify – Got to start with something from “Kick” as it is, in my opinion, INXS’s best album and probably in my top ten favourite albums, were I ever to attempt such a list. Not the most famous single from the album, but shows off a slightly different style.

2. Tiny Daggers – Staying with “Kick” and the closing track from the album, which will not be familiar to those who only know the singles, but was my favourite almost as soon as I heard it.

3. What You Need – My wife and I rarely have major disagreements, but here’s one – she thinks “Listen Like Thieves” is INXS’s best album.  I put it second to Kick. Still love it though, especially this, the first track.  Particularly brilliant live.

4. Don’t Change – One from the “before international fame” back catalogue, but another great live favourite and the first of their earlier songs I heard, on an MTV documentary.

5. Burn For You – INXS do pop.  “The Swing” as a whole is a more poppy album than most of their releases (although not so much when they subsequently played the songs live) and this is the track I like best from it, I think it has the most brilliant chorus.

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