30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 13

Day 13 – A Song That’s A Guilty Pleasure

Destin – Celine Dion

I bought a compilation CD a couple of weeks ago called “Guilty Pleasures” but it was essentially a collection of 80s hits and/or soft rock tracks.  Many great songs on there, and I wasn’t sure exactly why I should feel guilty about liking them.  It seems as though liking anything from the 80s is regarded as something to be a bit coy about, but that is the music I grew up with, and I make no bones about the fact I like plenty of it.  So I certainly knew I wouldn’t be looking there for today’s selection.  It’s hard to define a “guilty pleasure” as an adult really, not like those days as a kid when you hoped your friends wouldn’t find out you had bought a certain record because it wasn’t cool and they’d take the piss.  But I do have a couple of dark nooks and crannies in my record collection containing material that will lose me any credibility I might have.  And my choice comes from one of them, the much-maligned Canadian diva Celine Dion.

When I worked as a tour guide in Europe back in the late 90s, I acquired a couple of Celine Dion cassettes to play on the coach during long drives.  And to my surprise, I actually quite enjoyed them, especially the French-language album “D-Eux”, from which this song comes.  More upbeat than most of her better known big ballads, I have liked it ever since.  Incidentally, Celine beat off close competition from Cliff Richard, McFly and Boyzone to be today’s selection.  Should I feel more guilty about them?  You decide…

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