Music Monday 18/4/2011 – J is for…

Billy Joel.

One of my all-time favourites.  Absolutely brilliant songwriter, some of his songs are like poetry.  He can also write a great tune in a variety of different styles, and deliver the whole thing with outstanding singing and playing.  In short, a genius.  Many, many great tracks to choose from, but here are my five:

1. Uptown Girl – Cliched choice maybe, but I loved it from the day it was released and still do.  Although it does tend to call to mind the Gene Hunt take off of the video from Ashes to Ashes now!

2. Keeping the Faith – Just love the nostalgic lyrics to this one.

3. I Go To Extremes – More rocky than a lot of his songs, the words strike a big chord with me as they describe me fairly accurately.

4. She’s Always A Woman – In my opinion, some of the best lyrics in rock music.

5. You’re My Home – Another fantastic music and lyrics combination, with words I wish I could have written (applies to many of Billy’s songs to be fair).

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2 Responses to Music Monday 18/4/2011 – J is for…

  1. rickiej says:

    No Innocent Man? No New York Frame of Mind?
    Not a fan as such but appreciate the talent for sure

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