30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 20

Day 20 – A Song You Listen To When You’re Angry

The Promised Land – Bruce Springsteen

Sorry folks, it’s Bruce for the second consecutive day!

Actually, if I am really angry, listening to music would not necessarily be something I would do.  While it helps me relax when I am stressed and a bit annoyed, on rare occasions when I am truly angry I tend to be stalking around trying to control it, maybe ranting to myself or the world at large and, if I am extremely wound up, trying to avoid hitting something (walls are always good, doors and fences a bit too easy to put your hand through, never yet been mad enough to try a window or mirror!).  But if I am pissed off and frustrated with the world in general, with somebody else or with myself, then this is a song I would choose to reflect that mood.

“Sometimes I feel so weak I just want to explode, explode and tear this whole town apart, take a knife and cut this pain from my heart…” Says it all really.

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2 Responses to 30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 20

  1. rickiej says:

    I love that one artist has provided such a soundtrack to your life. The huge back catalogue is enough, no matter what comes in the future!

  2. ianbraisby says:

    Very true. A song for every mood – although I promise I will include some other artists in the next few days!

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