Music Monday 25/04/11 – K is for…

K is for Kaiser Chiefs.

Not so many to choose from this week, not one of the most extensive letters in my music library I have to admit.  However, it was still a tough call between those there were, before I eventually decided on the boys from Leeds.  I particularly like their clever lyrics, but they also know how to write and deliver a tune.  So here we go with my five selections…

(1) Ruby – Fantastic song, all about the excitement of a new relationship and the thrill you can get from somebody’s name.  Superb riff too, simple but memorable.

(2) I Predict A Riot – No pun intended, but you’d probably have predicted this choice as it is probably their most iconic song.  Doesn’t make it any less brilliant though.  Never been for a night out in Leeds myself, but Sally-Jayne assures me it’s not that bad.

(3) The Angry Mob – Great song about how the public are swayed by the mass media.

(4) You Can Have It All – Always think this has a nostalgic feel to it musically, and an excellent chorus.

(5) Love’s Not A Competition (But I’m Winning) – Fantastic title, very tuneful and slightly different style from a lot of their music.

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