30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 28

Day 28 – A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

Bay Springs Road – Charlie Mars

This is a strange category! Wasn’t sure at first what was wanted to be honest.  Definitely not a song you feel guilty about liking because we already had that, so what?  Sally-Jayne says I should choose a song that was playing while I was doing something I shouldn’t have been.  I don’t know what kind of shenanigans she thinks I got up to before we met (or since!) but I have led too upstanding, or boring, a life to have any associations like that.  As far as I know, I have never treated anyone particuarly badly in relationships, done hurtful things, stitched anyone up or the things that people might feel guilty over.

This is amazing!  Feeling guilty has been almost a constant companion for years, and here I am struggling with this category.  But any guilt I have felt has generally been unfounded, more to do with my own lack of self-worth and the thought that if something is wrong it MUST be my fault, rather than anything I have actually done.  So let’s not go there today.

I guess it’s time to moderate the category a little bit then – how about a song that reminds me of regrets?  That will have to do, as it’s the closest I have.  Probably the thing I tend to regret most is not keeping up friendships as well as I might have done over the years.  It’s so easy to let things drift, even with people you’ve once been close to, especially if, as I am, you are uncomfortable in social situations, don’t really like phone conversations and get lost in your head for days, weeks or even months at a time.

The song I have chosen fits the bill here – it’s about catching up with old friends and trying to recapture the magic of youth.  I discovered it a few years ago listening to Internet radio and have loved it ever since.  It led me to another virtually unknown singer-songwriter that I have been delighted to find, too.  The whole atmosphere conjures up that combination of nostalgia and regret perfectly and even manages to quote from a classic Guns and Roses song in the chorus.

I dedicate it to all my friends, those I see and talk to regularly and those that I don’t.

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