Easy as A, B, C…

Haven’t done one of these “all about me” questionnaires for a while, so here goes…

A= Available – Depends who’s asking!  Erm, I mean, no, I’m happily married!
B= Best Friend – My wife Sally-Jayne, Brian Pollard (oldest friend and best man)
C= Cake or pie – Why choose? Each has its place in this world.
D= Drink of choice – Black coffee, water, white wine, beer
E= Essential item you use everyday – Eye drops – need them to slow down my glaucoma and keep my sight past the age of 50
F= Favorite colour – Blue
G= Gummy bears or worms – Not sure what worms are, assuming it’s not the ones in the garden, but I love gummy bears and all chewy sweets
H= Hometown – Birmingham, England.  Grew up in Nottingham.
I= Indulgences – Proper haircut, not a clippers at the barbers job
J= January or February – Neither, both too cold for me.
K= Kids and Names – None, won’t be having any either.
L= Life is incomplete without? – My wife.
M= Marriage date – July 2nd (and I knew without looking it up, before you ask!)
N= Number of siblings – One sister, Emma.  She’s three years younger than me.
O= Oranges or apples – Apples.  I eat at least one every day.
P= Phobias or Fears – Dogs.  Not heights as such but being on the edge of things – didn’t even like slides or jumping into pools as a kid.
Q= Favorite Quote – “The pessimist has many more opportunities to say I told you so than the optimist” – George Orwell
R= Reason to smile – Health, life, family and friends
S= Season – Summer, the hotter the better.
T= Tag 3 or 4 people – Huh?
U= Unknown fact about me – I have held the UEFA Champions League Trophy in my hands.
V= Vegetable you don’t like – Tomatoes, or are they a fruit?
W= Worst habit – Putting things off.  I’ll tell you the others tomorrow.
X= X-rays – Several – nasal cavities many times as a child, ankle when I chipped a bone, chest a few years ago, ultrasound on stomach, various ones at dentist, numerous shots of eyes.
Y= Your favorite food – Indian
Z= Zodiac Sign – Saggitarius, not that I believe such claptrap

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