30 Songs In 30 Days – Day 30

Day 30 – Your Favourite Song A Year Ago

Bring It On – The Gaslight Anthem

And so we arrive at the end of our month-long delve through my music collection and the memories it evokes.  We finish on a very strange category, however.  My favourite song has been my favourite song for over 20 years, so strictly speaking I should choose it again, as I did on Day 1 (Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen).  But that seems a little bit pointless, and I believe the idea is kind of to select 30 different songs.  The category suggests to me that the whole thing has been devised by somone rather younger than myself, who is a member of the download generation, for whom favourites change often and bands come into and out of favour on a regular basis, with more of an emphasis on individual songs than albums.  But in the spirit of the exercise, rather than choosing my long-standing favourite song again, I have chosen a song that was released early last summer and is something I was listening to a lot at that time.

The Gaslight Anthem have, in the past couple of years, become one of my favourite bands.  They released their third full studio album, American Slang, in the early summer of 2010, and I was listening to it almost constantly for a time.  The song I have chosen today is my favourite track from the album.  I was lucky enough to see them live in Birmingham last summer, a great gig.  Looking forward to their next tour, although it looks as though I might have to venture over to Germany this autumn to catch them.  What a hardship that would be.

So that’s it, the end of the road.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections, and the musings and memories that have accompanied them.  I have put all the songs (except the “song from a band you hate” and “least favourite song”) into a playlist, which I shall enjoy listening to in the coming months.

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