Music Monday 02/05/11 – L is for…

Lightning Seeds.

One of the bands that always make me smile when I listen to them.  So many great tunes, hard to choose just a few, but here are my five selections:

(1) Life of Riley – Probably one of the most catchy pop songs around.  And it was the music used on Match of the Day for “Goal of the Month” at the height of my football addiction in the 1990s.

(2) Pure – Another great pop song, this is the first song of theirs I ever heard and I still love it now. Superb lyrics too.

(3) Ready or Not – One of those songs to put on when you’re getting ready to go out for a good night on the town or to a party.

(4) Three Lions – Of course. Euro 96 was a brilliant memory for most English football fans, our national team doing well at home in a lovely summer, and this was the soundtrack to it. And to my European tour of games – watched us play Switzerland in Nottingham, Scotland in Dover, Holland in Kitzbühel (Austria), Spain in Nuremberg (Germany) and Germany in Traunkirchen (Austria)!

(5) Perfect – Not such an upbeat one, but still a brilliant tune, lyrics and atmosphere.

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