Music Monday 23/05/11 – O is for…


Easy choice from a limited range of options.  Do I like Oasis? As people, no, not really.  The Gallaghers (Liam in particular) frequently come across as objectionable, arrogant louts who would be on the dole or inside if they were not in a band.  Their music?  Hell yes, above all their early material. I know it is derivative blah blah blah, but it is very listenable and Noel knows how to write a good tune. Like the use of everyday phrases and references in their lyrics too.  Saw them live just as they were starting to become famous – first album was out in UK and they were becoming a big act, but I was living in Germany where they were practically unknown.  So we saw them at a small venue in Essen, maybe 200 people maximum, and they were sat a couple of tables away from us in the bar before the gig having a beer.  In other words, the days before the egos overtook the music.

My five choices:

(1) Rock and Roll Star – First track from the first album and I like it just as much as I did back in the mid-90s when I first heard it. Great energy.

(2) Whatever – Criminally kept off the Christmas number 1 spot by East 17! Think this is just a great song, and not like much of their other stuff (certainly not at the time).

(3) Talk Tonight – Originally a B side, although it subsequently appeared on compilations.  Although overshadowed by the stadium rockers, their more acoustic numbers will probably stand the test of time much better.

(4) Half The World Away – See above, really. Another B side that gained fame as the theme to TV show The Royle Family, which is something of a shame as it is certainly a good enough song to stand on its own merits.

(5) Live Forever – Wanted one more from Definitely Maybe on the list, and this was my choice after some debate.  Must be sung in a Northern accent for full effect.

Cheers, our kid.

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3 Responses to Music Monday 23/05/11 – O is for…

  1. rickiej says:

    Oh you’re a very brave man for looking past the BS!

    I probably would like their stuff if it wasnt for that, but I just cannot bring myself to listen to it. Anyway, I was a Blur girl!

    • ianbraisby says:

      That’s because you’re from “darn sarf”!
      As a Midlander, it’s OK for me to like both, although I did prefer Oasis overall. At least before all the other stuff began, anyway. You’ll notice that my choices all come from before their second album even, let alone subsequent releases.

  2. Han says:

    Don’t Look Back in Anger was one of the first songs I could play on guitar and sing at the same time.

    Did you know it has the same chord progression as Imagine by John Lennon. You should be able to sing one while someone else sings the other over pretty much the same track (you might have issues in the “So I start a revolution” bit.

    Then again Lennon is referenced in that song.

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