Music Monday – 30/5/11: P is for…


I have heard all the gags about Poison not being a “proper” band etc. but I have liked them since the late 80s and still do. And you know what, I’m too old to care much what other people think or say about my music collection these days.  So here are my selections for this week:

(1) Fallen Angel – By far my favourite of their songs, standout track on their best album.

(2) Nothing But A Good Time – One of the classic Poison songs, I think. “Spent my money on women and wine, but I couldn’t tell you where I spent last night” – rock and roll!

(3) Best Thing You Ever Had – From one of their more recent albums, this grabbed me the first time I heard it.

(4) Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Of course, I have to have a ballad in any list by a rock band. And this is their best, I think this might have been the song that first alerted me to the band when it was in the “Rock Chart” on Channel 4’s “The Chart Show.

(5) Ride The Wind – I have always been quite terrified by the idea of riding a motorbike, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like biker songs.  And this has great energy and a brilliant rock chorus.

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