Music Monday 06/06/11 – Q is for…


Admittedly not many Q’s in my collection, but even if there were, it would almost certainly be Queen I picked first as they are (were) one of my favourite bands.  One of my big musical regrets is that I never got to see them live before Freddie passed away (two of my friends did, as they like to remind me on a fairly regular basis).

The best Queen albums have a variety of styles, from hard rock to pop to jazz to downright strange!   Very difficult to choose just five songs, as so many of their tracks are absolute classics.  But here, after much deliberation, are my choices:

(1) Don’t Stop Me Now – Amazing! Guaranteed to put me in the mood for a night out and to put a smile on my face.

(2) Hammer To Fall – One of my favourite guitar riff intros.  Standout track from mid-80s album “The Works” (although others are better known) and the fact it features in one of my favourite films “Highlander” is an added bonus.

(3) Spread Your Wings – Brilliant tune, brilliant lyrics, fantastic chorus.

(4) Sweet Lady – Brilliant guitar rock from A Night At The Opera, my favourite Queen album. “You call me sweet like I’m some kind of cheese…”, genius.

(5) Bohemian Rhapsody – Had to be really. Iconic song that shows off everything that people love (and hate I guess) about Queen – combination of serious and daft lyrics, changes of pace and mood, superb musicianship, amazing vocal performance from Freddie and the rest of the band……….

Honourable mentions (have to have a couple as this was such a tough choice this week) for It’s Late, ’39, and Love Of My Life.

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1 Response to Music Monday 06/06/11 – Q is for…

  1. Han says:

    Hammer to Fall is one of my favourites from WWRY – I know the words – it’s that bad lol.

    Don’t Stop Me Now and Bohemian Rhapsody are awesome too but they are so popular they get over played – you ask for Queen and it’s those or We Are The Champions.

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