Music Monday 27/06/11 – T is for…

Working on the basis that, as in a record shop, any band beginning “The” comes under the next word of their name…T is for Then Jerico.

Maybe a bizarre choice but one of my favourite bands during my late teenage period and a key part of the soundtrack to those very formative years.  Here are my five choices for today:

(1) Sugar Box – One of their hit singles, this was one of the first of their songs I actually heard and has remained a favourite.

(2) The Motive – Brilliant track from their first album.

(3) What Does It Take – Particularly like the singalong chorus, featuring the wonderful Belinda Carlisle on backing vocals.

(4) A Quiet Place – Remember feeling a great affinity with the line “Don’t I have the right to feel apathy and sympathy” as a teenager for some reason, still love the song though.

(5) Where You Lie – Another standout track from their best selling album “The Big Area”.

Avoided the temptation of including any of the songs from lead singer Mark Shaw’s solo album “Almost”, which is a superb collection, highly recommended.  I had it on cassette for years but it was an absolute swine, not to mention costly, to track down on CD about ten years ago.

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1 Response to Music Monday 27/06/11 – T is for…

  1. John says:

    Was searching for the lyrics for “A Quiet Place” and, despite the preponderance of lyrics sites around, your site was the only one that came up when I searched for the “Don’t I have …” line – guess there aren’t many fans left out there. Great song, ditto “The Motive”. For what it’s worth, “Let Her Fall” and “Prairie Rose” also hit the spot for me. Happy times, the late 80s 🙂

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