Introducing The Friday Read…

We have Music Monday, we have Travel Thursday, now my life will be complete with a weekly online chat about everything to do with books!  We’ve come up with 20 prompts, with the idea of doing one a week – either write something on your blog and post a link on Twitter, just Tweet a simple response if you don’t have much time, or respond to other people’s blog posts with your own choices and opinions.  Doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you join in the reading discussion!

To whet your appetite, and to start the cogs turning in your mind, here is our full list of prompts:

  1. Your favourite author
  2. The most inspiring book you’ve ever read
  3. Your favourite book from childhood
  4. The book you have re-read the most often
  5. The last book you read
  6. Your favourite genre of books
  7. Your favourite fictional hero
  8. Your favourite non-fiction book
  9. The book(s) you are currently reading
  10. Your favourite classic
  11. A book you’ve been told you should read but never will
  12. A book you think it should be compulsory for everyone to read
  13. Your favourite travel book
  14. Your favourite supporting character in a novel
  15. What makes you pick up a book of the shelf / borrow or buy a book?
  16. A book you are embarrassed about liking
  17. A book you have started but never finished
  18. Your favourite biography/autobiography
  19. A book you wish you’d written / genre you wish you could write in
  20. The book you plan to read next

We’ll start with the first one this Friday (15th July) and I’ll Tweet a reminder of the prompt this and every Thursday.

Happy reading everyone.

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1 Response to Introducing The Friday Read…

  1. Han says:

    My first one went live last night 🙂

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