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100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups – Week 7

This is part of the 100 word challenge for grown ups at, where the prompts and all contributions published can be found. My piece for this week: Married life is meant to be full of brabbles. I knew that … Continue reading

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Friday Read – Your Favourite Genre Of Books (Catch Up!)

Due to holidays, work and general uselessness, I have fallen a couple of weeks behind with this, so let’s set about doing some catch up! So, my favourite genre of books is thrillers. Quite a broad category, but that is … Continue reading

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Friday Read – The Last Book You Read

Germania by Simon Winder I was intrigued to find a book by an Englishman with a strong interest in Germany and its history, being such a person myself.  Having just finished the book, I’m not sure what I thought of … Continue reading

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Travel Thursday 18/08/11 – Your Most Frightening Travel Experience

Jumping Off A Mountain Not so much frightening, more nerve-wracking as it involved facing up to, and overcoming one of my big fears. I’ve never been scared of heights as such, but I have always had a fear of being … Continue reading

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Music Monday – 15/08/11 – W is for…

John Williams. After veering towards the world of classical with last week’s Viennese interlude, I remain in the same ballpark for some of the greatest film music ever written, and music I absolutely love to listen to.  For me, the … Continue reading

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100 Words Challenge for Grown-Ups, Week 5

“It wasn’t my fault. Frankie told me to do it.” How many times had I heard that from the lips of my eldest son? From the time he painted the hamster green, to the time he got suspended for cutting … Continue reading

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Friday Read 12/08/11 – Part 1 (Catch Up)

Still catching up from holidays…so here goes. The Book You’ve Re-Read The Most Times – Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman This is quite a tough one, as I have re-read most of my very favourite books many … Continue reading

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