Friday Read 12/08/11 – Part 1 (Catch Up)

Still catching up from holidays…so here goes.

The Book You’ve Re-Read The Most Times – Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

This is quite a tough one, as I have re-read most of my very favourite books many times.  I don’t do it much these days, but I used to do it all the time. I have always preferred familiar things, and found it hard / even a bit scary to try something new, so much easier and more comfortable to pick up a book I knew and liked than risk a new one.  Still do have that feeling sometimes, I get a bit nervous about choosing a new book off the shelf, but it no longer stops me reading new stuff.  Same with films and (to a lesser extent) music as well.  As a result, I have an in-depth almost Mastermind specialist subject-like knowledge of certain books, and an ability to quote phrases almost word for word.

The list includes various Wilbur Smith novels, Fever Pitch, High Fidelity and About A Boy by Nick Hornby and Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams/Mark Cawardine.  But Good Omens is at the top of the pile.  As well as re-reading it at home many times, I was stuck with it being my only book for a week or so while backpacking in Africa (was meant to swap a book with someone I met, I gave her my book but she left before giving me one in return) and during that time I must have read it a further few times through.

Despite the familiarity, it remains one of my all-time favourite books.  In fact I think I might have to re-read it yet again (first time for about ten years).

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