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Travel Thursday 11/08/11 – Your Saddest/Most Upsetting Travel Experience

Pont Adolphe Saddest, most upsetting – to that you can add awful, distressing and disturbing, and with a lasting effect on me. It was 2002, and I was on a European driving holiday with my sister.  The first night we … Continue reading

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Disaffected youth?

This label seems to be what people use to explain and, in some cases, justify antisocial behaviour, crime, benefit dependency and the sickening rioting and looting we have seen in recent days.  Lack of opportunity and prospects, poverty, rising tuition … Continue reading

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Music Monday – 8/8/11 V is for…

Vienna Something a little different this week. Well, very different actually. No real favourite bands or singers beginning with the letter, so I am going to cheat a little.  While working as a guide in Austria in the late 90s … Continue reading

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Friday Read 4/8/11 – Part 1 (Catch Up)

OK, so first I need to catch up with the second prompt I missed while on holiday. “Your Favourite Book From Childhood” Actually, I have chosen a series of five books – the “Chronicles of Prydain” by Lloyd Alexander. Essentially, … Continue reading

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Travel Thursday 4/8/11 – A Travel Story Involving Illness or Injury

Just Not In The Mood! Generally, I have been extremely lucky with illness and injury while on my travels, so there’s not a huge range of anecdotes to choose from today.  A few incidents have happened to people in my … Continue reading

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“Friday Read” – 22nd July 2011

The Most Inspiring Book You’ve Read Ryan Knighton – Cockeyed This is a book I read about three years ago, and I am not surprised if nobody reading this has actually heard of it.  I decided to read it after … Continue reading

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