Friday Read 2/9/11 – Favourite Fictional Hero (Catch Up)

Still catching up, so two posts again this Friday.

My favourite fictional hero is Dismas Hardy in a series of books by the American legal/thriller writer John Lescroart.  The books really follow Hardy’s personal story as well as the events he gets involved in through his interesting life as a policeman, bar owner and lawyer.  What Lescroart does extremely well is to balance the demands of writing an exciting and interesting thriller with great development of his main characters, particularly Dismas Hardy.  He is very much a three-dimensional character and you get a great feeling for his personality, his abilities, his frustrations and his weaknesses through the books.  There is also sufficient humour and everyday detail to make him real.  What I also like about the books is that the writer has used other characters as the main figure in several novels, but Dismas Hardy remains there in the background in a secondary role, like an old friend, further drawing me into the fictional world he has created.

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