Friday Read 9/9/11 – Favourite Non-Fiction Book (Catch Up)

Fever Pitch – Nick Hornby

Although I have to read quite a lot of non-fiction for my work as a tour guide, and I also enjoy other kinds of non-fiction such as autobiographies, travel writing, music books etc., my choice has to be Hornby’s supremely entertaining, nostalgic and insightful debut book.

Ostensibly about his lifelong devotion to Arsenal football club, it is really about growing up, families, discovering what you want to do with your life, and of course sport.  While my “obsession” sport has always been ice hockey rather than football, so many of the things Hornby recalls from his Arsenal supporting strike a massive chord and as I read it I find myself thinking “I do/did that” and remembering an equivalent event in my life as a fan.  Added to that, much of the social, cultural and football backdrop to the book is stuff I can remember anyway so it just makes sense.

A classic for any sports fan.

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1 Response to Friday Read 9/9/11 – Favourite Non-Fiction Book (Catch Up)

  1. Han says:

    I’ve not read the book but I’ve seen the film. There is also the film The Perfect Catch which is kinda based on Fever Pitch but with the American twist that it’s based around Baseball.

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