Friday Read 14/10/11 (Catch Up) – Book You’ve Been Told To Read But Never Will

A Book You’ve Been Told You Should Read But Never Will

I tend to be quite open to new writers and even genres, but there are definitely a few contenders in this category.

Let’s start with Charles Dickens.  I have tried to read his stuff on several occasions, but it is just not for me.  So no matter how many times people tell me how great his books are, or how many times they appear in “Best Ever” lists, life is too short for me to waste any more of it attempting to get to grips with Dickens.

For many years, Catch 22 would also have fallen into this category.  I just never fancied it and, to be honest, the number of people who recommended it was probably balanced by the number who warned me off.  But when Sally-Jayne (now my wife, at the time my girlfriend) kept telling me it was hilarious and bought me a copy, I felt compelled to bite the bullet. In most things we share a sense of humour, but in this case I just couldn’t see what was funny, in fact I found the whole book to be a load of rubbish and only persisted with it because Sally-Jayne had bought it for me.  So let that be a warning, if you have a book that falls into this category, don’t be tempted, no matter how much you care about and respect the person who recommends it!

And I can’t end without mentioning self-help books.  I am thinking of writing one called “Improve your life by living it not reading about how to improve it”.  I know people find them useful, but they are not for me.

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2 Responses to Friday Read 14/10/11 (Catch Up) – Book You’ve Been Told To Read But Never Will

  1. Hannie says:

    Catch 22 – you have to be bonkers to get in and bonkers to get out or something like that. A bit like Clanger in Mash – if he could prove he was bonkers he’d need to be discharged but it didn’t work because the Major knew what he was upto.

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