Friday Read 21/10/11 (Catch Up) – Favourite Travel Book

Favourite Travel Book

Last Chance to See – Douglas Adams and Mark Cawardine

I am going to class this as a travel book, although I suppose wildlife is the main theme.  Douglas and Mark travel around the world to see endangered species and the book is about their trip, so I think that’s fair enough.  Especially as it’s one of my favourite books ever and I want to write about it one of these weeks!

The essential premise of the book is to record the adventures of the two authors as they attempt to see and draw attention to the plight of severely endangered animals, and was originally a radio show.  But it is by no means a dry and serious read, as you might expect from such a subject.  The name of Douglas Adams on the cover tells you what you are going to get really, an idiosyncratic and humorous account of the places they see, the people they experience and the frustrations they encounter on their trip.

Overall, the combination of Adams’s humour and Cawardine’s wildlife expertise works brilliantly, as the serious and important subject matter is presented in a down to earth and totally non-preachy way.  It leaves you as a reader fascinated to find out more about the animals and habitats featured, inspired by the people who are working against the odds to protect endangered animals, and thoroughly entertained by the easy to read and wry style of writing.

If you’ve never read this book, get it, read it, enjoy it!

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