Music Monday 24/10/11 – Y is for…

Has to be a cheat again this week.  Not many Ys in my collection really so I’ll take a step back 20 years and say Y is for Youth!  A few songs that were favourites around two decades ago, in my last year of school and first year at University – mainly indie tracks that got everybody up at student nights, in those long-ago and, to be honest, rather rare days when I actually went to nightclubs.

1) Can You Dig It – The Mock Turtles: Loved this one from the first time I heard it, and still do.  Brilliant, in fact probably one of my favourite songs.

2) There She Goes – The Las: Simple, but brilliantly effective song.  Not much more to say, I just think it’s superb.

3) Sheriff Fatman – Carter USM: Unlike many fellow students at that time, I wasn’t a big fan of Carter, but I always thought this one was great.  Did like their original and sometimes clever lyrics.

4) Unbelievable – EMF: Indie pop at its very best.  Many a happy (read inebriated) time spent leaping around dance floors in Nottingham and Birmingham to this one.

5) All Together Now – The Farm: Really liked The Farm, and this is their best.  Whoever thought you could make a pop song out of the famous “Christmas ceasefire football match” story?

So now I’ve had a good reminisce! Sorry you all had to share it with me!

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