Music Monday 7/11/11 – Z is for…

Z is for ZZ Top.

Had to be as I don’t really know anything by the Zutons or Frank Zappa and Zucchero only made the one famous song with Paul Young.  However, luckily my one option for this letter is a band I really enjoy, another great example of the 80s rock I grew up with.  And a band that showed even weird looking guys could be rock stars, and – thanks to the videos featuring numerous scantily clad and rather well endowed glamour models – gave hope to all “shy around girls and not conventionally handsome” teenage lads throughout the world!  So here are my selections:

Gimme All Your Lovin ‘ – Probably their best known song, for good reason.  Love the lead guitar on this one.

Viva Las Vegas – A great song whoever records or performs it, and the ZZ Top version more than does it justice.

I’m Bad I’m Nationwide – Slightly different sound to much of their material, rather reminiscent of Credeence Clearwater Revival, which for me is always a hugely positive thing.

Rough Boy – Yes, ZZ Top also did the odd ballad.  And in this case, they did it extremely well.

Legs – Had to be, really!  Always been a leg man.  I’ll stop there.

So, first time through the alphabet is complete.  The last few letters were tough – in fact I needed one or two “cheats”, so I’m looking forward to a wider choice in the next few weeks.

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