Friday Read 11/11/11 – A Book You’ve Started But Never Finished…

Sasso by James Sturz

A critically acclaimed book, not my usual type of thing, but thought I would give it a try.  Really wish I had not bothered.  Relatively short, I expected a decent pace to the story but found it plodding and, to be honest, tedious.  To cap it all, the blurb described “erotic” elements to the story – this turned out to include people having vividly described dreams about sex with animals.  Now I’m a long, long way from being a prude, but this is not what I would call erotic by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, it was the final straw, and I literally threw the book across the room in disgust at this point.  If you are ever tempted by this one, my advice would be – avoid.

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