Music Monday 21/11/11 – B is for…

B is for The Beatles

I’ve known Beatles songs all my life – I think anyone who has grown up since they were around probably has too.  Their music has become a part of our culture over the 50 years since they began their career.  But it is only in the last few years that I have really listened to their music in depth and looked beyond the biggest hits, and now I am something of a fanatic, albeit rather belatedly.  They wrote great songs, played superbly and were pioneers – when you listen to Beatles albums you can hear where so much later rock and pop music stems from.  I love so many of their songs, it is hard to choose just five, but here goes:

(1) Ticket To Ride – Have loved this song for a long, long time. Just a brilliant musical and vocal performance.

(2) Here Comes The Sun – Brilliant George Harrison song, with superb guitar work as you would expect from such a master of the instrument.

(3) Penny Lane – I think this is simply one of the best pure pop tunes that has ever been written.

(4) I Saw Her Standing There – Love all their early rock n roll material, but this is the best and it is an original not a cover.

(5) In My Life – Amazing ballad that strikes such a chord with me. Trying to explain that even though you’re nostalgic and a bit of a dreamer, you know what really matters.

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1 Response to Music Monday 21/11/11 – B is for…

  1. Han says:

    I’ve probably said it before but I love the quote from Sliding Doors about how The Beatles really should be called The Fetals.

    (“Everybody’s born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They’re passed into the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. Fact, they should be called “The Fetals”.”)

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