Friday Read 25/11/11 – The Book You’re Going To Read Next

So to the last of our list of Friday Read prompts.  As discussed the week we talked about how I choose books, this can be quite an in-depth consideration, with a variety of factors coming into play.  And I normally only choose a new book when I finish the one before, then I can make sure I pick what is right for how I’m feeling at that time.  However, as I am just a couple of chapters from finishing my current book (“Crusader” by Michael Eisner, which I have enjoyed very much), I will bring forward the choice slightly.  The sacrifices I make to produce blog posts! So, I will go and look at the shelf downstairs and make my decision, back shortly….

OK, I’m back.  I have made my selection, following my normal pattern of varying the genre of what I’m reading – currently a historical novel.  My next book will be “The Fields of Grief” by Giles Blunt.  He’s a Canadian crime/thriller writer and I’ve read a couple of his books before.  I am quite looking forward to it.

As we have reached the end of the prompts list, my Friday Read post next week will be my opinion of the book, as I am sure I will have finished it well before then.

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1 Response to Friday Read 25/11/11 – The Book You’re Going To Read Next

  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    Picking a book before you’ve finished the one before? You’ll need a lie down after that!

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