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Welcome To My World

With the Coronavirus pandemic now in full swing, more and more people are being advised or even instructed to work from home. For most, this is a huge change to their routine and a big challenge.  But this has been … Continue reading

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Emergency Box

Over many years, I have faced an almost constant battle with depression.  I have tried numerous types of therapy and none have really worked very well.  Certainly not things like CBT, as my autistic brain struggles with the hypothetical/visualisation element.  … Continue reading

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Spouses and Interests

Inspired by a recent discussion on the excellent “Set Lusting Bruce” podcast (a must for any Bruce Springsteen fans out there!) about our spouses’ at times uneasy relationship with our hobbies/obsessions (delete as applicable), I thought it was worth reposting … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Our Own

Generally speaking I guess I’m quite lucky.  Certainly when it comes to what liberal commentators often like to call “privilege” – although really that always sounds to me like far too sneering and derogatory a term for what are essentially … Continue reading

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Autistic Family Christmas…

It’s widely accepted that genetics are at least partially responsible for a person being autistic. The condition does tend to “run in families”, although of course it is hard to pinpoint, given that awareness and diagnosis are relatively modern phenomena. … Continue reading

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If I Could Turn Back Time…

A couple of things happened recently that have led to this post.  Firstly, I reached the “milestone” of 5 years since my autism diagnosis.  Secondly, I spoke about autism and neurodiversity on a leadership training course.  Both of these got … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings To All Our Friends

As we have for the last few years, Sally-Jayne and I have decided to make a charity donation rather than sending Christmas cards to all our friends. This year, we have chosen to donate to the National Deaf Children’s Society … Continue reading

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National Library Day

It’s National Library Day, so I thought I’d set down a few of my own library memories. I can’t really remember life before the library was part of it.  From my very early childhood I used to go with my … Continue reading

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Today was a huge disappointment. Yesterday I saw a sign in a shop proclaiming “Five Sleeps Till Christmas”.  Well, last night I nodded off twice on the sofa, then went to bed, and this morning I hit snooze twice before … Continue reading

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Film Review – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I’m a big fan of Tolkien’s books, and fascinated by how his early life in Birmingham inspired him, but I’m equally enamoured with Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings.  So I was eagerly awaiting the arrival … Continue reading

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