Music Monday 07/03/11: D is for…

D is for Dire Straits.  I’ve liked the band since I first heard their music in the mid-80s (when they had hits) and appreciate the brilliance of Mark Knopfler’s guitar playing, especially since I have tried to learn the instrument myself.  Some choices of songs are very easy, others more difficult.

1. Romeo and Juliet – I’d probably include this somewhere in my overall Top 5 songs, so no surprise it is selection number one here.  Corny, maybe, but amazing tune and manages to send a shiver down my spine and put a lump in my throat almost every time I hear it.

2. Tunnel of Love – As well as the great tune and guitar, I love the reminiscing/nostalgic feel and lyrics of this song, which perfectly combines the optimism of the past with the cynicism of hindsight.  Something that strikes a chord with me every time.

3. Going Home (Theme from Local Hero) – I don’t generally like rock instrumentals that much, but this is fantastic.  I just find it an inspiring melody.

4. Your Latest Trick – If ever a song captured the mood of late-night musing in the city, this is it. And, as always, I am a sucker for a good sax melody.

5. Twisting By the Pool – Not many tracks reveal the lighter side of Dire Straits, but this does and is a great, traditional rock and roll song.

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