Travel Thursday 4/8/11 – A Travel Story Involving Illness or Injury

Just Not In The Mood!

Generally, I have been extremely lucky with illness and injury while on my travels, so there’s not a huge range of anecdotes to choose from today.  A few incidents have happened to people in my groups while guiding – illness, injuries and even death – but I wanted to at least use something that had happened to me personally.

During our trip to Egypt two years ago, as is almost compulsory I suffered with a couple of bouts of a dodgy stomach.  Mainly manageable, but one night was particularly nasty and left me feeling very weak. Heading down to the pharmacy in the row of shops in the hotel complex, I asked for the highly effective local pills – much better for fighting their local bugs than the ones you get here.  In a pharmacy of all places, I did not expect the normal attempts by Egyptian shopkeepers to try and engage you in further business, sell you extra stuff, give you “good price” etc.  I really should have known better, I guess the germs affected my thinking as well.  As I paid for my stomach tablets, the pharmacist leaned in close and told me kind of confidentially that he could do me a very good price on Viagra if I was interested.  At first I thought I had misheard, but he repeated himself and I hadn’t.

It was probably the most optimistic sales pitch I have ever heard, even by Egyptian shopkeeper standards.  I had just spent most of the night in the bathroom, I felt drained, weak and just wanted to try and sleep within easy reach of a toilet.  I am hard pressed to think of a time when I felt less like engaging in sexual activity – a whole batch of his Viagra probably wouldn’t have been enough.  A naked parade of all the women I have ever fancied, all carrying neon signs saying “Take me to bed now Ian” would not have been enough.  I seem to think I did not even dignify him with a proper answer, just gave him a look and went on my way.

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