The aftermath…

My submission to this week’s 100 Word Challenge at Julia’s Place.  The prompt was five random words, which are in bold in my entry.

Dad was never the same after the accident, constantly mixing up words. It was hard at first, but when he acted all offended at me correcting his report of seeing “that great aeroplane from the War, the aquamarine Spitfire” by asking if he meant “Supermarine”, I soon learned to keep quiet. So when he calls a moving staircase an “excavator” and tells me about the “sausage” someone left on his voicemail I hardly notice. Still, even I was aghast a few days ago in the supermarket, when he casually asked the young assistant to direct him to the orgasmic milk.

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12 Responses to The aftermath…

  1. OK, I’ve read all the entries so far and this one is the first to make me laugh out loud. Well done! Love it!

  2. Sally-Jayne says:

    It made me laugh when you told me your idea. It’s even funnier written down!

  3. Hee hee, nice one. Funniest 100word piece I’ve read for a while 😀

  4. fireflyphil says:

    Not only funny, but a great take on the ‘given’ words – well done!

  5. This is funny and kind of sad at the same time. (I may start laughing when I go to buy my organic milk, and no one around me will know why!)

  6. buddhafulkat says:

    I find myself smiling in amusement and then feeling a little guilty – sad for Dad.

  7. Han says:

    That’s actually really funny! Good effort Ian! I need to get a shifty on and write my entry

  8. DancingInTheRain says:

    I feel for Dad…. Well done!! Great idea.

  9. I left a comment the other day, but don’t know what happened to it!! Just wanted to say I thought this was just great! It really made me laugh. Nice light touch – great writing!

  10. jfb57 says:

    Oh this is brilliant! I’m laughing! You have written this with such compassion though. I’m sure there are many children who struggle when their parents do suffer in this way. Wonderful!

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