100 Word Challenge 29/11/11 – “Blocked”

This is part of the weekly “100 Word Challenge” at Julia’s Place. The picture is this week’s prompt.

Write, write, write – that’s what they keep telling me. Stop talking about it, and just sit down and do it.  But about what?  That flash of inspiration seems a long way off in the darkness.  Write what you know? I’m not sure I know anything.  Nothing in my head but those old doubts and frustrations.   Not much that anyone would be interested in.  In fact, pretty much blank, like my screen.

But this morning, a d ifferent voice from somewhere, telling me “ Write what you can see”.  So, for the first time, I opened those dark shutters and looked outside.


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8 Responses to 100 Word Challenge 29/11/11 – “Blocked”

  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    Glad I convinced you to join in again. You have more talent than you give yourself credit for!

  2. Colin Graham says:

    More than one way to deal with writer’s block! Will look forward to hearing about what you saw outside the window… 😉

  3. Aha, you may have discovered the real way to write. I like that it could be not what you know but what you see. Keep looking out those windows, your writing is fine.

  4. I like this. So much meaning can be found in those last two sentences.

  5. Lynda Dixon says:

    That is great! We all need to open our shutters and look beyond, don’t we?

  6. Good way to use the prompt, and if you can’t get started use that as the way in! Well written.

  7. Jim says:

    Love the way the writer’s block was mostly through the writer blocking himself off. Great idea

  8. Susan Mann says:

    Very well written. This is something I think we could all do with doing. Excellent x

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