Music Monday

A Twitter idea I have been introduced to – Music Monday is designed to get people talking about and sharing music on a Monday.  Sounds right up my street, so I decided I would participate.  You can do what your want, but some people work their way through the alphabet and share their favourite tracks by an artist beginning with a different letter each week and that is what I have decided to do.  Some weeks it will be hard to choose, some weeks it will probably be hard to find an artist I really like for the letter, but I guess that will be part of the fun.  I will be picking 5 tracks each time – generally the ones I like the best, but also ones that have particular memories or importance for me, or ones that people might not immediately think of.  A bit like the record shop lads in “High Fidelity”, who say that when you include something really obvious in a compilation or list, you need to offset it with something obscure to keep your credibility!  So I’ll be starting this week with A…

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1 Response to Music Monday

  1. rickiej says:

    Love the Hi Fidelity quote!
    My all time fave artist – if I had to choose just one. Got me into a whole new side of music I’d previously denounced as ‘American trash’ when I was 14. Now I like American trash and everything else, have been to Vancouver and going again this year – all thanks to liking one artist. Who says music can’t change your life……

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