Travel Thursday 10/11/11 – Your Favourite View…

Firstly, my apologies for getting a bit behind on all my regular weekly blog stuff in recent weeks, it has been a very hectic period of work and I have not had a lot of time spare for blogging.  Hopefully things should now be back to normal (whatever that is).

So, my favourite view has to be Victoria Falls.

The Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side

This is my favourite photo I took there, not only was I pleased with the way it captured something of the beauty of the view, complete with rainbow, but also it is almost identical to shots on the cover of brochures and books I read before my trip!

The Victoria Falls is absolutely stunning, the beauty, harshness and power of the falls is something I will never forget.  It is almost impossible to capture it on film, as you only get a still image, not the movement, roaring sound or spray in the air you get when actually standing there.  Visiting the falls has been one of the absolute highlights of my travel experiences to date, an inspirational and wonderful place.

You can hear the sound of the falls all around the area, and the sense of anticipation you get as it gets louder and louder as you make your way out from the town to the national park area and through the rainforest to the edge is incredible – then you get your first sight of the falls and no matter how much anticipation you have after all that, and after travelling so far, you are not disappointed, in fact it is even better than you expected.

I had a great time during my stay at Victoria Falls – some excellent meals in town, met some great people, spent a day white water rafting on the Zambezi below the falls – but the falls themselves were undoubtedly the highlight.  I have an A3 version of the photo above framed on my office wall, so I can look at it and be inspired all over again whenever I want to.  And it is one place I am determined to take my wife to someday – to share my favourite view with my favourite person would be a special moment indeed.

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